Georges Orthodontic And      
Crown & Bridge Dental Laboratory
(888) 6-splint or 677-5468
(562) 803-4221
NET 20 DAYS- the current charges on your monthly statement are due and payable
on the 20 th of each month .

BILLING TERMS: An Written Authorization (prescription lab slip)signed by a licensed
dentist shall accompany the order for the work or be preformed in the office of licensed
dentist under his/her supervision. With the patient name and the type of work that is
needed. An invoiced will be generated for each finished cases that is delivered or
shipped to your office .(
please keep the invoices for your record) at the end of the
period a statement will generated for the financial transaction that have be taken place
on that month. It also lists any unpaid balances.
Past due accounts will be charged 2% service charge monthly.

Ortho department - models must be poured  immediately of an alginate impression
godentallabs guarantees that all the appliances to fit  .
(new and immediate poured model) before sending your case to the lab please check
your  models  .Sending your models, wrap your models in bubble wrap or napkins that
will  prevent them from braking.
Crown&bridge department- rubber base impression material .
Check the margin  before sending the impression .If not clear please retake the
impression. If your sending the impression with mail make sure you place then in zip
lock bag wrapped in a wet to heat your impression my become distorted.

SHIPPING: if you wish you can use our postage labels (USPS) there will be flat fee.
Cases going out of the  lab will be
(UPS) with no cost to you.