Georges Orthodontic And
Crown & Bridge Dental Laboratory.
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12123 woodruff ave.
Downey CA, 90241
*   Complete Orthodontic Appliances.
*Fixed Appliances
*Removable Appliances
*Functional Appliances
*Splint Appliance
*Temporary Partial -Pedo partials
*Crown & Bridge
Porcelain Fused  Metal
*full Metal contour Restoration
*Finesse Pressable Ceramic
*composite Cristobal+
* Implants
we use the best material in the market for our
We've been in business for over 17 years
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*Providing Fine Craftsmanship & Outstanding Customer service

Godetallabs  has brought smiles to the patients for over 17 years with
our products
and piece of mind to  the dentists and orthodontists nationwide.
At Godentallabs we take pride in developing new relationships. And
our highest
priority is to establish an open relationship with our customers. This
enable us
fulfill and understand your every needs